Bibliophibian baby onesie!

for babies or very small construction workers

For a while now, folks have been asking me about making “Bibliophibian” baby gear, and I’m pleased to say that today is the day when it happens! This handsome navy onesie, emblazoned with the proud Bibliophibian logo, is available now through TopatoCo in three baby sizes.

I should also add that it is perfectly good wear for anything of the appropriate size that requires easy diaper access; I will not make any judgments. Normally a thing of that size is going to be a baby, but you do what you like.

3 thoughts on “Bibliophibian baby onesie!”

  1. I need a baby and fast. I hope you are happy, knowing you will soon be responsible for at least one teen pregnancy.

    Which is a sentence that is at least thrice as hilarious taken out of context.

  2. You don’t need a baby yet, just do what I’m planning and buy it and keep it safe until the day rolls around when your child is born. That way you have accumulated even more books for your newborn babe to enjoy. 😛

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