Beards of our Forefathers in PREVIEWS

STAPLE! was a blast last weekend. It was a tremendous way to kick off this year’s convention season — the whole experience had me so brimming with excitement that I actually had to be hosed down by TSA before they’d let me on the plane home. “Sorry, sir,” they said. “You look a little too jazzed about comics to be safe in a pressurized environment.” I tried to argue, but in truth the hose thing was sort of fun too, and I gotta get my kicks for free when opportunities like that arise.

I know I’ve recently mentioned Danielle, Kris and Scott — with whom I have formed the rock-star group The Awesome Webcomic Panelists Who Can Thrill An Eager And Not Altogether Discerning Crowd Indefinitely — but not only did I thoroughly enjoy every minute that we hung out, I have an incredible respect for their craft. Events like STAPLE! always rejuvenate my artistic spirit, and I was stoked that between sketchbooks and barbecue-restaurant tablecloths and even public displays, I got to spend the weekend drawing.

The March Previews is out now — if you’re not enough of a comics nerd to know what Previews is, then you don’t need to keep reading; I commend you for, you know, having a life. If you are a comics nerd, though, and you want to buy my new book Beards of our Forefathers through your local comics shop (or ask the shop to buy a few copies for the shelf), you can either look on page 41 of the March Previews or print out your own page 41 and slap it on the counter. (Here’s an alternate version as well that may go easier on your printer ink.) When the clerk asks why you want him to buy 500 copies of a single book for his store, all you have to do is simply place one hand on his shoulder, bow your head, and say “I don’t necessarily want you to go bankrupt, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.”

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