Machine of Death Talent Show – Tuesday night!

The Machine of Death talent show in Hollywood is coming up in just a few days! As you recall, it’s what prompted the creation of Boom! And a Bear Comes Out, the party hit of the summer.

Over on the MoD blog I’ve announced the full lineup for the show. Highlights include:

• A live rap performance by me
• An improv set by Mission IMPROVable’s The Grind
• A reading from MOD by The Sound of Young America‘s Jesse Thorn
• And, of course, the heart of the show: the wonderful talents of spirited readers who took the initiative to make something cool.

We’ve got musicians, monologists, animations and all sorts of stuff planned — and I really want to reward these folks by packing the place Tuesday night. The house opens at 7:30, admission is free, and there’s even going to be birthday cake.

The Fake Gallery, 4319 Melrose Ave, Hollywood

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More details here! And the Facebook invite is here, if you’d like to RSVP. We’ll also be livestreaming the entire event at

During the show, feel free to tweet your thoughts using hashtag #MachineofDeath (and search #MachineofDeath to see what other folks are saying)! I’ll be reading some of my favorite tweets during the show.

I have been quivering in my sleep anticipating this show! PLUS: SURPRISES. Of the GREAT kind.


One of our talent show musicians has asked if I can find a sax player who would like to accompany him during his song with a brief solo. “No rehearsal required,” he says! Would you like to bust a sweet sax solo on Tuesday night? Email me (dave at wondermark dot com), and I’ll see to it that you leave the show with something special for your trouble.


I had Easter lunch with my mom, and she said “David, the thing about you is that you can take a small thing, and make it into a big thing in a way nobody else would think to do.” I think I fundamentally do not know how to do a thing simply. Maybe it’s a medical issue? The moral of the story is, once I decided to put on a talent show, I set myself on this path toward the creation of a massive thing, and I owe it to all the people involved to see it done right. Will you help out, and provide these folks with the audience they deserve? Watch us, online or in person, live on Tuesday night. I guarantee it will be amazing.

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