Ask a Gaxian: Employment—Bedding—Wedding.

Dear Gax, In my effort to find employment, I’ve sent resumes to several retailers offering minimum-wage jobs. So far, the only jobs I have been hired for are fixing my dad’s computer when it breaks and walking my neighbor’s dog. The problem is, both of these jobs pay significantly better than what the retailers were offering. How can I get motivated to get a real job, when real jobs don’t pay nearly as well? — Confused Worker Dear Confused, I am also confused. You say you are seeking a “real job,” but the work that you are attempting to escape … Read more

Ask a Gaxian: Laziness—discipline—education.

Dear Gax, I have a two-year-old son who is basically trouble incarnate. This child positively delights in doing things he knows he shouldn’t, and thinks up new ways to aggravate me on a daily basis. His elder brother was a much easier child, so I’m at a loss for how to deal with the little weasel. He isn’t old enough for time-outs yet. Any suggestions? — Exhausted Parent Dear Exhausted, How have you been disciplining the child up till now? You say he is not old enough for time-outs, because he may not be developed enough to understand that ten … Read more

Ask a Gaxian

Dear Gax, I work in an office with five other people. One of my co-workers is a compulsive coffee drinker. The rest of us drink a moderate amount. The office rule is that whoever drinks the last cup must make more. Yet often the coffee-hound drinks most of the pot, leaving half a cup or so for the next person, who must inevitably make a new pot despite not drinking much of the previous one. Shouldn’t the person who drinks the most coffee shoulder most of the burden making more? How can we enforce this in the office? — Forcibly … Read more

Gaxian Calendar Wrap-Up

One last post about these calendars! I’m so happy with how they turned out. I took the above picture when I picked them up from the printer — the colors were so bright and vivid I lost my breath for a second. That sounds super dumb but it’s true. No better feeling than seeing something that used to not exist suddenly exist because sufficient force of will was applied. (Maybe there are some better feelings, but not this week, not for me.) Over the last couple of days we had a lot of hand work assembling the full calendar kits. … Read more

Making the 2013 Calendar, Part 2

Here is Part 1, which details my thinking going into the making of this year’s Wondermark Calendar. I finally decided that I wanted to make another calendar this year, but began to think about how it could be done differently. As detailed here, previous years of the Wondermark Calendar were comprised of cards sitting in brass desk easels. And since I knew that lots of people already had those easels, which are reusable, I knew that whatever I made this year should be about the same size as the previous calendars (which consist of a stack of 8.5″ x 5.5″ … Read more