Two Wondermark-esque videos

Here’s a neat Wondermark-style video made to dramatize a  radio sketch from the BBC comedy show That Mitchell & Webb Sound:

(direct YouTube link)

And rarely has my email lit up like it did upon the release of this video for the Ramona Falls song “I Say Fever”:

(direct YouTube link)

Quite striking, and quite worth a watch!


(direct YouTube link)

  • Phil

    If you like Elemental, have a look at Mr. B – The Gentleman Rhymer. I can recommend ‘I’m going back inside’ or ‘Straight Out of Surrey.’

  • Scott

    “I say Fever” really spooked the kids. It gets two thumbs up from me.

  • Texas Bibliophibian

    I am gonna have nightmares from “I Say Fever.” Holy cow.