Three Things You May Like

Check out this amazing video of 8-bit video games invading New York: “PIXELS”, by Patrick Jean.

It’s very cool and very moody in this version…and then also check out the music video version here for a whole different feel. I like it both ways!

ALSO: I’ve just done an interview about the new Wondermark book! I like interviews like this where I get to talk about some new stuff rather than all the same old questions that have been covered in prior interviews. In this one I describe, among other things, my shuttered gun-rental business: “It was a case of doing something because I COULD, rather than because I really WANTED to, and it was growing into quite a nuisance.”

DOUBLE ALSO: Have you ever read tried to read Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics but been off-put by it being so much about boring ol’ dinosaurs? Well NEVER FEAR, my friends, for Science has provided us with a fantastic solution to that problem!

  • Andy

    Any other input for the butiwouldratherbereading=????

  • Emily

    Ha! pennyarcade & xkcd work too.

  • Someone recently told me that every Dinosaur Comic was the same and I was like bwuuuuhhhh?

    ALSO: nice interview : P

  • That Wondermark/Dinosaur Comics “crossover” is all kinds of awesome!

  • quiktekk

    Cool PIXEL vid!

    (But hasn’t New York suffered enough already?!)