This weekend: Wordstock in Portland, OR!

uhh, word stock

This weekend, I’ll be in Portland, OR for the Wordstock book festival. I’ll be in the exhibitor hall in the comics section, which I hear is a thing? I haven’t seen a map, so it’s hard to say. The future is a bit misty; I may be crouching on the floor. I am fairly tall, so hopefully I will be hard to miss.

I’ll be bringing mainly books! To a book fair! What are the odds. Also, Fiction Generator posters and probably some manly stares, as it is Portland after all. Any of these could become yours with a minimum of effort. Hope to see you there!


  1. Nathan Beal

    While you are up here you should stop by the text ball.

  2. kathleen

    Love the posters!! The plot generator is frighteningly revelatory of my bad days and the actual process….

    Wish I were going to Portland!! Have fun, it’s a great city and a great event.

  3. Drakey

    Portland? My boyfriend lives in that area. As does my ex-girlfriend, many of my non-sexually-interested friends, and, believe it or not, the owners of the first motel I ever paid for my own room in.

    Ah, good times. I’d tell you to wave towards the nearby college town of Forest Grove, but, well, you’re already at your destination. Do it when you leave.

  4. Arthur B.

    Not related to this, but it looks like someone used your template generator to write a book :

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