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Submission: first doodle ever

please save our village

This is by my wife Nikki, drawn in one of her makeup classes (she’s in school learning special-effects movie makeup and often comes home wearing beards or bizarre noses). She told me that she’s always wanted to be able to doodle, but over the years has never been able to come up with anything particularly interesting — interlocking lines, or curlicues at best.

However, she’s been doing a lot of drawing and rendering for her various class assignments, and so she’s been flexing that drawing muscle in new and exciting ways. She was positively glowing when she came home and announced that she had actually generated this fun little guy during a lecture in class. Ladies and gentlemen, Nikki’s first doodle.

Everyone has different levels of intrinsic drawing talent, but anyone can learn to draw — really it’s much more about practice than pure inborn talent. Some have an easier time than others, but learning the skill isn’t off-limits to anyone willing to put in the time.

Submission: gropey mcgropesalot

watch the hands there buddy

another by John

Submission: swooshy, squishy

also pokey in parts

by Duncan

Submission: work it for the camera

actually she is probably quite sincere

another by John

Submission: the evil particle creatures

fight back

This submission is from John, and a marvel it is.  “Luna” (or possibly “Lung”) is fighting the “evil Particle Creatures,” which is as concrete a metaphor for the dangers of nanoscience as I’ve ever heard.

Good news — I dug up some more old sketchbooks and notebooks, and they’re just filled with gooey, sketchy goodness.  Look forward to more weirdness next week.