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A new Piranhamoose-O’Lantern

Check out this great Piranhamoose-O’Lantern from reader Sarah Z., who says “I was inspired by last year’s piranhamoose-o-lanterns!”

By which, of course, she means THESE.

I’m not a very skilled pumpkin-carver myself, but here’s the one I made this year:

It was at my wife’s work, where lots of people from the office made their own! I liked this one best, from one of her co-workers:

It looks like it’s saying “sssshhhhhsffffftttttt”

Just imagine that outside your window right now.

Real faint, but in a quiet moment, distinct:


Free Piranhamoose Holiday Card Download!

In the frozen North…it is ALWAYS Christmas.

This wonderful illustration was created by Emily Partridge! Emily has just co-edited Ahoy Booty, aka “The Buttzine,” a collection of comics and short pieces all about butts. I have a comic in it too! You can get your copy here.

You can download this image and print it out to make DIY holiday cards, if you like! Here are two letter-sized PDF files, one with a large image (fold the paper in half to make a card), and one with smaller images (cut the paper in half to make two cards). Enjoy!


Piranhamoose-O’Lantern REDUX

Check out this awesome Piranhamoose-O’Lantern from Beth B.!

Of course this will be added to the canon next to the amazing work of Amber from years past:



A Glimpse of the Piranhamoose

Here is a little glimpse at something I’m working on for the next Wondermark collection! And here are some other recent gems from my personal tumblr (not to be confused with Old Timey Ads, which is separate, but also me):

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