Celebrating Beardsgiving with new shirts, aprons & cards!

As we know from our canonical List of New 2012 Holidays, November 30 is Beardsgiving: the holiday where you surprise your loved ones with luxurious new beards as they sleep. I hope it’s going well for you! Everybody loves awakening to a bushy new beard — and if they don’t, perhaps reconsider why you consider this person a loved one.

Here is something new for the beard-lover (or beard aspirant) in your life. The Beard Measuring Shirt:

Like all the best metrics, it is a threshold basis. Either your beard is long enough, or it’s not. If not, you know what to do. GET TO WORK.

Hey look, a hoodie! I BELIEVE IN PIRANHAMOOSE:

I’ve wanted to do a hoodie for a long time, but couldn’t land on a design I liked. But I love this one! On the front breast it says “i believe” in tiny letters. And the ink GLOWS




So if you’re ever lost in the woods, you’ll make an easily-spotted meal be able to signal rescuers!

Now for what’s possibly the most amazing thing ever. The Cooking Wizard Kit:

Based, of course, on this comic. You can get the apron alone, or the full kit which includes a WIZARD HAT and the “Magic Wand of Gastrostir” (which grants +5 Deliciousness).

Come on. WIZARD HAT.

Finally, I’ve been told there are a final two sets of Wondermark Artist Edition 5-Packs left — I drew these extras just in case any of the prior orders got lost in transit, but it looks like the Postal Service’s lack of failure has become YOUR GAIN. UPDATE: These are gone!

These and many other fine things are available this very instant at my TopatoCo store.

IMPORTANT NOTE! TopatoCo has posted their list of Christmas shipping deadlines. It takes them time to pack and fill orders, so please carefully study this chart to see when you should place your order (and what speed of shipping you need to use) to guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery.

New Wondermark Holiday Cards

I’m also pleased to announce that my in-house store is all stocked up and ready to ship holiday cards! Here are two BRAND NEW designs for this year (click the images for a closer look):


And “Negotiator” (based on this comic):

All of my cards can be purchased in mix-n-match packs, with quantity discounts available. Here is the full list of cards! Order soon, so you receive them in time to send them back out. We’ll be packing and shipping here as quickly as we can. Thanks so much for all your support!

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