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The Duck that Saved Hanukkah

In case you missed it last year, I wrote a comic in which a character posits the existence of the “Hanukkah duck,” (or here on Tumblr), who quacks you a puzzle, as a way of filling out the canon of Hanukkah traditions relative to Christmas.

I feel it is my civic duty to remind you that soon after that comic was posted, readers Keith Ammann and Cantor Yakov Hadash wrote and performed a Yiddish song about said Hanukkah Duck.

Die Katschke Chaneke / The Chanukah Duck

this is why my job is the best job

ALSO: Holiday cards are now on sale. Two new designs will be revealed later this week. 2014 Calendars will be announced later this week as well.

ALSO ALSO: I will be in Austin, Texas this coming weekend!

MORE of the ‘Littlest Butt’ set to music!

Previously, I featured Max Martin’s take on the Littlest Butt song. It’s great! And now, here are EVEN MORE takes (shall we call them “covers”?) of the song:


I hope this missive finds you in good health. After being inspired by your deeply moving, heartwarming lyrics concerning miniscule buttocks, I was unable to restrain myself from recording an a capella rendition of the song; I have taken the liberty of adding four additional couplets to the lyrics. My sole regret is having forgotten to record the line in the alternative text. I have included an empeethree recording of what will surely be the anthem of the age. [MP3 link]


Over at we put our Music Director on notice when the Little Tiny Butt comic went live, and I’m happy to report that he finished the job this morning: [MP3 link]

Sad to hear that we’ve been pipped to the post by someone else, but I suppose there is always room in the world for more buttmusik.


This is great. This is the best thing ever. Thanks to you all!

SMALL PRESS EXPO ALERT: I’m in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend for the Small Press Expo! Come hang out, get a Roll-a-Sketch, or maybe even play a demo round of the Machine of Death card game!

Thanks as well to everyone who sent in Sketch Rescue pictures — I’m putting together the Roll-a-Sketch book collection now and will have your PDF sent to you when it’s ready!

ESS PEE ECKS. It sounds way less appealing when you write it out that way. But it’s a great time, honest! YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE ME