Musical rendition of ‘Littlest Butt’

I am pleased to share that Max Martin has set last week’s comic about the Littlest Butt to music. He even wrote new lyrics to fill it out to full song length! Enjoy even more rhyming couplets about a really small butt!

Max did not share this video with me. It is annotated “First draft, couple errors, low quality.” You cannot hide from me, Max. I have Google. When Google tells me that someone has uploaded a song about the littlest butt, then I am going to click on it and watch it and by George, I’m going to post it on my website.


~ ~ ~

PAX Prime attendees! If you’re in Seattle this weekend for PAX, well, so am I! Come say hello and check out a demo of the Machine of Death game! I am imprisoned within the huge black obelisk reading “CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY” on the side. It is the new name of my game, I hope that isn’t already taken.

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