Suggest a holiday for my 2012 Calendar

The first fifty or so 2012 Wondermark Calendars have already been spoken for!

I’m finishing up the verses now and hope to start printing the pages next week. It’s gonna be a beauty, I can tell you that right now.

But since the design’s not quite finalized yet, there’s still a chance to make some last-minute additions. So in the comments, suggest a holiday that you’d like to see on the 2012 Calendar. I’ll pick my favorite few from each month, and canonize them so that everyone who picks up one of the calendars will be sure to celebrate it in the coming year.

The calendars already include all the standard U.S. and Canadian calendar holidays, plus Wondermark’s birthday (April 25) and my own (September 21). Your suggested holidays should not:

– be the same date as any existing holiday (there isn’t space to print duplicate text on given days)

– be just your own birthday or anniversary or something

– be longer than a couple words

– be real

It should:

– Be short
– Be funny
– Include a brief explanation that I’ll archive here on the site for people to consult throughout the year.


“January 5, Poop-on-Cats-Day. This is when everybody gets back at their cats by holding them down and pooping on them. Traditionally followed by January 6, Wash-Your-Cats-Day, and January 7, Hospital Day.”

Except not that exactly BECAUSE NOW THAT’S TAKEN. Leave yours in the comments! UPDATE: Okay that’s it for now! I’ll post a roundup of my favorites soon. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

  • andy

    August 12th -Saint Crepes Day – Generally only observed in pre-war Belgium, it’s celebrates the patron saint of waffles, Simon du Crepes, who was killed in the great pancake flood of 1483.

  • TJIC

    Feb 23 – Anvil Launching Day (ref: )
    Feb 24 – Hard Hat Awareness Day

  • lee

    March 4 – the only day that is a verb
    March 14 – pi(e) day, also Einstein’s birthday
    June 28 – two pi(e) day

  • Cri

    Nov 7tj, Ph-D-day – the day all grad students give up on their hopeless pursuits and dance naked around a bonfire made entirely of their thesis and free food. Not to be mistaken with Happy Supervisor Day (June 5th) – the day all supervisors dance naked around the smouldering remains of their students’ theses.

  • Dina

    September 7 – Unicorn Day. Self-explanatory.

  • James

    January 5 – Twelfth Night. It’s marks the end of the Christmas season (and in some countries the beginning of Carnival season), and is cause for celebration: there is a medieval tradition of putting a bean in a cake, and whoever gets the slice of cake containing the bean is the lord or lady of the evening’s merriment. Also a great opportunity to get your friends together for a reading of Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

  • Pelotard

    Eastecost: Combine whatever traditions suit your mood from Easter and Pentecost, on the first Friday of February, a month otherwise noted for its stubborn absence of anything festive.

  • Utopia

    May 7: Celebration of Hats- a day when people celebrate the joys of haberdashery.

    October 20: Festival of Socks- the day when you contemplate pulling out your wooly socks for winter.

  • Utopia

    October 21: Lost Socks Day- when unmatched socks are finally laid to rest in hopes they will find their lost companions.

  • K.R

    August 3rd: Day of the Penguin Revolution. Their day is coming, thet y will rise up and overthrow. Possibly…
    July 23rd: St. Mugwumbler’s day (patron saint of those who wumble mugs- of course)
    November 15th: PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

  • Jai

    March 23-24 (8:35pm-8:35pm)-. International Objectivity Appreciation Day. A day to acknowledge that years are only suitable periods for repeated dates in dimensions that we are aware of, and that while penguins do not currently seem to be capable of writing screenplays for rock opera musicals, this is only limited to our interpretation of their methods of communication.

  • Steve

    October 26: St. Elsewhere Day. On this day we celebrate the patron saint of medical dramas. Typical celebration is building a small shrine to George Clooney, or alternately burning him in effigy.

  • KBKarma

    September 19th: International Talk Like A Pirate Day ( On this day, everyone observing this holiday talks like a pirate from waking to sleeping. Not that tricky (also my birthday, but that’s not allowed).

    Last Friday of July (in 2012, that’s the 27th July): System Administrator Appreciation Day ( Show your appreciation for your system administrator. Places like ThinkGeek and CafePress have sales on this day.

    December 14: Monkey Day ( People dress up like monkeys to raise awareness of animal rights, medical research, and evolution. Some webcomics (including this august institution Wondermark) have done webcomics to celebrate (unfortunately, the website that lists this is inactive, and the images of comics past have mostly gone bye-bye).

  • Lars

    February 22nd: Recursion Day. See 2/22, Recursion Day.

  • SteveL

    Last monday in may, the traditional cheese rolling festival of gloucestershire. Not a spoof, a tradition going back 200 years, with a surprisingly high injury rate.

  • The Ed

    16/03 is Tautology Day, as Tautology Day falls on the 16th of March.

    20th July – The Feast of St. Owens. In honour of Richard Owens, coiner of the term ‘Dinosaur’, every young child is encouraged to carry a small replica of a Dinosaur with them at all times. The feast is concluded in the traditional manner of Owens himself – scooping out your enemy’s spine and keeping it in a jar in your office.

    December 2nd – Festival of Completed Calendars. Marks the day that noted Calendiarist David Malki! began the great achievement of his life, a fully indexed and cross-referenced Calendar of all completed holidays.

  • Howard P. L.

    January 28: Y’haug’f’than. A day predicted by the astrologies of long burnt out stars in which Esh’am’borath the Goat Mother of Ten Thousand Young will ascend from the murky, cyclopean gates of the Neverliving and rend the sanity from our still screaming husks. Typically celebrated by the exchange of trite greeting cards, or by that one annoying woman at work that bakes cupcakes at any excuse.

  • Hecate100

    June 12: Death by Tentacles Day. In memoriam of all the intrepid sailors, airship captains, sailboats and Japanese anime girls viciously violated and slain by oversized octupi, mutant cuttlefish and alien cephalopod-like creatures.

  • Adam Casalino

    May 21: Spanish Soup Day, wherein we eat Spanish soup.

  • Megan B.

    May 25th, Crystal Meth and Chia Pets day. Show your reverence to the greatest cash crop of the American South, then try your hand at growing green hair on a little man.

  • Mr.Right

    May 14th, Conspiracy day (or maybe Truth Seeker Day). This day of the year is reserved for the paranoid and non-paranoid alike, the truth seekers of the world. On this day everybody wears their tinfoil hats and other anti-surveillance gear, and all gather in random location around the urban and rural areas to confuse the evil reptilian overlords who secretly rule us masquerading as humans. Or to but an end to the secret subliminal messages found in ads, who are placed there by ugly skeleton looking aliens in charge of a massive campaign to keep humans subdued. Or the truth behind the assassination of president Lincoln, the Kennedy family, who want to use their inter-dimensional vortex generator to create a rift between earth and Sigma 2, the galaxy of bizarre pudding creatures who are planning on consuming us for our marrow. President Lincoln was on to them, he knew they had secret bases on the south of America and thats why he send in the blue coats to stop them in time. YOU CANT FOOL ME OBAMA, I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS. GO BACK TO PLANET KENYA!

  • Chris

    11-July: Monsoon Day
    Inspired by the “Russian Unicorn” youtube video:

  • Rhadamanthus

    August 14th: Niles Lichness Day. Niles was the little-known inventor of string…

  • Molly Price

    May 19th – Fingerprint Awareness Day. This is the day when all citizens are encouraged to really look carefully at their hands and marvel at the wonders of the whorls and crevices unique to their own astounding digits. The first F,A.D. happened when the a gas leak occurred in the White House press room while the President was giving an address to the nation.

  • Maria Therés

    June 21 — Sartre’s birthday. Let’s remember that hell is other people and sleep with french girls.

  • anomalocaris

    11/05, or possibly 05/11–Reverse Date Day. Whether you write the month first or the day first, today’s the day to switch them around for wacky hijinks! Make ruining your filing fun for the whole family!

  • Patricia

    July 29th– National Ice Cream Day– because it’s freaking hot and everyone could use an excuse to skip work and go have some ice cream! :)

  • Mark D

    June 8th : Colouring the Troops Day

    This is the day before the annual ‘Trooping the Colour’ ceremony, so all British Grenadiers are given a fresh coat of paint: red paint on their tunics, black paint on their headgear, pink (or brown) on their faces, and a coat of gloss varnish over all.

  • Tyler K.

    March 3rd – Apathy Day… whatever.

    Also have put put in another vote for Pi day if you don’t already have it. It’s the best.

  • Steve Gough

    Oct 1. Fluvial Geomorphology Day. About time we fluvial geomorphologists got some props.

  • SenorPlankton

    May I make a suggestion for The Feast of Maximum Occupancy?

    I don’t care what date it is, I saw it on The Simpsons years ago and thought, now there’s a day that needs celebrating!

  • dawnwich

    The Black Feast of St. Argyle’s: some random day in January or February. It’s the day you rescheduled your winter holiday to, either because you couldn’t get time off in December to visit your folks or because you were stuck with your in-laws on Christmas. It’s a second chance to get your holidays right. My family has celebrated this for years.

  • SD

    17 February: Accordion & Bagpipe Day – The one day a year reserved for the playing of said instruments without getting pelted by rotting fruit and bricks.

    26 January: Catapult Day – Launch something!

    23 July: Just Make It Day – It’s a hot, lazy day, so head on out to the backyard, bust out the toolbox, and take that Complicated Thing apart, and see if you can put it back together! Or see if you can build a Complicated Thing in the first place! A day to throw away the instructions and pick up a project.

  • David

    March 28th: Enervation Day. I’d explain it, but . .. ……

  • Immanio

    January 11th: St. Whinge’s* Day

    This is a day for letting off the steam over all your bad luck in the past year, and the unfairness of the universe in general. On this day, children may carry a hat or cap in their hand, and anyone may toss a coin into it. Anyone who does is entitled to tell the child about an instance from the past year where the malevolent forces of the world clearly conspired against any sensible probability. The child is expected to listen attentively and reply with the ritual words: “Well, that’s just incredibly bad luck, that is!”

    *He who uttered the immortal words “Three ones? I rolled three ones on that? That’s not possible, that is!”

  • Meghan

    March 14 — Time Travel Holiday
    Celebrate time travel by simply flipping the calendar ahead or behind (your choice!) and relive or live as if it is that day.
    This holiday was started by the overwhelming mass of humanity that simply kept forgetting to turn the calendar page and lived as if it was 2011 for far too long.
    Briefly followed by a WHAT IS TIME? Day of thoughtfulness and philosophy.

  • Adam

    July 10th – Orthodox Independence Day. Reject the Gregorian calendar of British Imperialist Oppression!

  • Carl Zetie

    July 3rd: Dependence Day (UK only). A day for British people to reminisce about their country’s declining global power. Weather forecast is for intermittent showers.

  • Carl Zetie

    September 2: Picklemas. Celebration of the end of the pickle harvest. Traditional activities include the Pickle Festival, pickle rolling, and the charitable distribution of small jars of gherkins to families too poor to afford pickles of their own.

  • forklift

    Varies on the lunar cycle (usually mid-August to early September) – Yum Kipper: the traditional Jewish holiday where everyone eats disgusting smoked fish and cream cheese and complains and/or brags about their children.

  • JP

    June 25th – High School’s Out, It’s Party Time Day
    For all those high schoolers finally free from the tyranny of education, June 25th is a day where you MUST eat five popsicles, dance for AT LEAST 1.5 hours but NO MORE than 3 hours, and declare, at the top of your lungs, “SCHOOOOL’S OUUT FORREVER!” Any high school student who does not fufill these requirements must attend summer school. Exceptions will be made for those who are incapable of speaking, dancing, or eating popsicles.

  • dano

    Last Saturday in February: El Dia De Carne – The traditional* Argentinian** feast of various and sundry meats from dawn til dusk. Typically accompanied by the consumption of wine in the Malbec style.

    3rd Saturday on October: St. Shawnski Day – The celebration of St. Shawnski, who discovered in 1603 that you can slap a name on a day and get people to celebrate it. Consecrated by gathering with friends and strangers alike and inbibing the more rare and delicious forms of alcohol. People caught drinking light beer may be ‘Shawnskied’ – forced to drink something upalatable or to perform some sort of embarassing act, which should be chosen specifically for the perpetrator to induce maximum shame for their disrespect of St. Shawnski.

    *Traditional in the sense that it was made up by my brother 4 years ago.
    **Argentinian in that it was inspired by the meat loving, Malbec making Argentines, the wonderful people that they are.

  • Bears

    You should mark down whatever approximate day it is that Bears start waking up from their winter sleep. I’m guessing April 13 or something. Its a scary time for all when the lumbering giants begin to once again terrorize the country side. We need to know what day to start watching out for the Bears!

    It wouldn’t even have to be a real holiday, just a little disclaimer around mid April “Warning! Watch for waking Bears!” Because that means the safety from bear attack we all enjoyed during the winter months is over, and now we must face the long summer months vigilant against our enemy, The Bear.

    And then in October when the bears are getting sleepy again, you could mark another day, celebrating the end of the Bear’s reign of Terror! Thank goodness, we can travel the country side again without worrying about BEAR ATTACK. They are going back to sleep! Time to get on with our lives. Woooooooo.

  • Vonelle

    March 26 — execution of Thomas de Mahy, marquis de Favras
    Who, upon ascending the guillotine, was presented a written copy of his crimes against the French people and remarked, “I see you have made 3 spelling mistakes.” Not to be confused with St. John Bosco, patron said of editors (January 31)

  • JB

    April 29th – Normal Day – Treat this day as though there were no holiday.

    July 13th – Dispose Slacks Day – Throw out your old slacks in honor of the people who deposed the nefarious St. Pantsenhosen of Slackenstein, enemy of the 1990’s skorts, 1890’s kilts, and 20th century jeans.

    August 12th – Baby Butter Day – Butter up the baby, and slide him around the house. It’s wacky, but don’t let the King of Lichtenstein hear you say that. It’s been a time honored tradition since at least the 19th century when the Great Churner took office and eradicated childhood emaciation with nothing but butter.

  • Mad Jack McMad

    4th week of September to 2nd week of October:


    You start out celebrating Oktoberfest in the afternoon as normal, drinking beer, eating sausage, etc. As afternoon turns to evening, the festivities take on an increasingly melancholy tone, and you are overcome by a vague sense of loss. This becomes tempered with fond memories of youth, and slowly turns into a generalized mourning for a golden age now past. If you do it correctly, you should start to see the stars blink out of the sky by about 9pm or so.

  • Pete Dulin

    November 1 – Pentacle Amnesty Day

    Wherein owners of unregistered pentacles can turn in their magical amulet to a representative of Spellcaster’s Union Local 666 without punishment by hex or judgment.

  • Bob Keene

    June 11th; Bag-on-the-head Day!! Everyone wears a paper bag over their head. NO DECORATING OF BAGS ALLOWED- two (or fewer) eyehole cut outs permitted and encouraged!
    A celebration of uniform conformity as humanity loses its individuality for the sake of the common man!

  • Pete Dulin

    March 20 – Beard Solstice Day

    In which winter beards are shaved as spring approaches, then they are adopted and nurtured by caring souls until they migrate to another facial roost the following winter.

  • lograh

    December 2nd: Listening Day. Commemorating which hosted the QwantzListens celebration of music. Generally celebrated by sharing mixtapes (or equivalent) with friends and loved ones, exposing them to music they might not hear otherwise.