Penny-Farthing Racing!

Intrepid Marksman John B. writes in with news of the twenty-ninth annual National Penny Farthing Championships in Evandale, Tasmania. So many great pictures!

Sadly, according to Australia’s ABC News, part of this year’s race was cancelled due to rain:

“Penny farthing bikes are fairly dangerous at any point and in these conditions it would just be impossible for us to go ahead.”



  1. John B

    A happy update .. a follow-up news item reported that some racing – a 32km(!) penny farthing road-race – was able to proceed .. I personally feel the whole sport will lack legitimacy until they race in period costume.

  2. Cayne Armand, PhD

    I prefer to refer to these fine means of locomotion as velocipedes. But it’s flippin’ awesome. I want one! Who cares about potential issues! It’s COOL!

    (I don’t care what that advert says on that television-box-thing!)

  3. Neil Fusillo

    They need to train on one of these:

  4. FurryNerd

    I know I’m Australian, but alls I can say is “Those crazy Tasmanians”
    I know they’re Australians too, but when crazy stuff like this happens it’s kinda no wonder why Australia is segregated by importance/noticeable.

  5. Roger

    I should point out that Tassie had more than a little rain. In fact, extensive flooding with hundreds of homes evacuated. This photo gallery from the local rag shows several nearby towns. Evandale is roughly between Penguin and Railton on one side, and St. Helens on the other.

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