NOW SHIPPING: ‘Hierarchy of Beards’ Poster!

It’s here! The poster-sized expansion of my ‘Beard Spotting Guide’ from Beards of our Forefathers.

You can also buy it in a bundle with Carly’s and my Futurism poster and save 10% on the whole deal.

To reiterate: This product is sold from and shipped by TopatoCo, which also sells my T-shirts. Purchases from TopatoCo are processed entirely separately from my in-house store, which sells holiday cards, books, and gift items. However, it should be reiterated that purchases from either should be made with a certain, shall we say, vitesse, as the Post Office can only deliver things so fast. All non-U.S. orders should use Priority or Express shipping to have any chance of arriving by Christmas. Unfortunately the world is rather large, and we must deal with the ramifications.

Domestic orders can continue to be placed for the next week or so! Hooray for beards!


  1. sublicon

    Andrew Sullivan bigged you up on his site.

  2. Camille Dumas

    I saw this and thought of you:

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