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New Wondermark book now available as hardcover and PDF download!

New Wondermark book now available as hardcover and PDF download!

Above: A new sticker to accompany my new pin!

For worthwhile and obvious reasons, Emerald City Comic Con was cancelled this past week. (It’s been tentatively rescheduled for August.)

So, like many folks for whom that convention is a tentpole of their business year, I did all the usual prep for the show, but didn’t go to the show itself! No one did!

It was to be the first in-person opportunity for folks to get a copy of my latest book, the 300-page monstrosity Friends You Can Ride On:

New Wondermark book now available as hardcover and PDF download!

Which I’m pleased to say is now complete, in stock, and taking up quite an impressive number of shelves in my studio. Each copy is safely nestled in plastic, waiting to be sent to its new home.

This book collects over 500 Wondermark comics (it’s three times as thick as my previous books), plus as per usual I’ve included dozens of pages of bonus and previously unpublished material.

As long as the post office is running, I’m still shipping. So please feel free to claim your own copy now!

For those who don’t want anything to come in the mail, I’ve also now made available:

PDF Downloads of All My Books

New Wondermark book now available as hardcover and PDF download!

For just a few bucks each (or more if you’re feeling generous), you can download all the Wondermark comic collections to date, to read on the digital device of your choice.

Or print out, I guess! Once you have the file, I can’t stop you! (Probably cheaper just to buy the printed editions, though.)

I’m also still shipping all these handsome pins.

New Wondermark book now available as hardcover and PDF download!

A Few Public Service Links

• Washington Post has a great visualization of why staying home and away from people is vitally important right now.

• Twitter thread about why the time to do it is right now, even if you don’t feel sick.

• And now we check out the latest update from the world of sports:

Make your own 2020 calendar from past calendars! PLUS: Progressive calendar free download

Although there is no 2020 Wondermark calendar per se, observant Marksman Gary T. let me know that dedicated calendar fans can make a 2020 calendar at home with the aid of:

• January–February: The 2014 Wondermark calendar
• March–December: Either the 2009 or 2015 Wondermark calendar

It’s Leap Day this year that throws things off.

SO, although I do not have 29 calendar pages for you, I DID manage to scrounge up ONE page – the sole remaining fragment of the otherwise-lost 2020 calendar:

Make your own 2020 calendar from past calendars! PLUS: Progressive calendar free download

It’s a patch for the end of February. Hopefully it makes sense out of context.

Here’s the link to download the patch page.

Of course, some of the holidays will be wrong if you do this, so calendronaut beware.

Each year I also make a progressive (gapless) calendar for folks to download!

Make your own 2020 calendar from past calendars! PLUS: Progressive calendar free download

And I have done so this year as well!

I found this blog post interesting – written by someone who likes the gapless calendar, but who didn’t like the weekends being grouped together at the end.

The weekends at the end can be useful for someone like me, whose schedule is sometimes built around all-weekend events.

But I do agree that if you’re used to reading Sunday-first calendars, it can be a bit disorienting.

So this year I’ve made two versions:

The blog post in question also contains a few other criticisms: the author didn’t like the shading, and thought the numbers took up too much room.

All of that is perfectly valid critique, but I’d already finished this one. Maybe next year!

Update on cards, books, calendars, and more!

Update on cards, books, calendars, and more!

Here’s a new holiday card design for this year! I have only a limited supply of them, but the choices on offer for Wondermark holiday cards are myriad.

This year, I am not making a printed 2020 calendar.

What I have done, though, is re-issued four of my previous calendars (from 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017) and updated their dates for 2020.

So if you’re a calendar fan, but missed any of those prior calendars – or, just want to revisit them again! – you can download the PDF file and print them out, no shipping required.

Three of them were first reissued in downloadable format last year… And now, the Roll-a-Sketch Yearbookoriginally released in 2014, joins the family!

Update on cards, books, calendars, and more!

All enamel pins are presently in stock as well, and shipping immediately:

Lookin' sharp!

I’m also running a clearance sale on some leftover convention shirts. They start at $15 apiece; then quantity discounts kick in immediately.

In addition to Wondermark shirts, there are designs by some of my esteemed cartooning colleagues as well. We put ’em all in one place to maximize savings for you.

Sizes and quantities vary, but you can check them all out here!

Update on cards, books, calendars, and more!

The reason I didn’t do a calendar this year is that all of my time recently has been spent finishing up this:

Update on cards, books, calendars, and more!

Wondermark: Friends You Can Ride On ended up clocking in at a whopping 304 pages of comics.

You can read a bit more about the coming-together of this book here.

Kickstarter backers have already had their address surveys emailed to them, and those copies will start shipping out this very week. If you backed the project last year, and haven’t seen the survey, check your email!

If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still order a copy now – just be aware you that you will not receive it until January.

I’ll have much, much more to say about this book in the coming days! I’m just so glad it’s finally done, and will be getting into backers’ hands very soon.

I am extremely proud of it. Not just because it is a cool THREE TIMES AS THICK as any of my previous collections… But that sure helps!

I’ll be shipping store orders every day this week, and then closing up shop for the year after Friday, December 20. Thanks, friends!

Check out: A terrifying infomercial for Smart Pipe™

This isn’t a real product, but it’s feeling more real every day.

This video was made in 2014 and feels ripped from the headlines of about 2022. We’re pretty close to there.

(This video contains a lot of references to poop.)

Podcasts Well Worth Your Time for Sept. 2019

Podcasts Well Worth Your Time for Sept. 2019

I’m overloaded with podcasts! Take a few from me!

Here are a few more individual episodes from my recent listening that I enjoyed, and thought you might too.

(I could not find written transcripts for any of these, unfortunately.)

Decoder Ring: “Truck Nutz” (Website / Overcast )

…These plastic novelties have a powerful symbolic charge and are often associated with a crass, macho, red state audience.

But truck nuts are a surprisingly complicated signifier whose symbolic power is increasingly divorced from their real-world usage.

On this episode, we talk to owners and users of truck nuts, investigate the origins of the accessories, and deconstruct the meaning of these oft-joked-about symbols. We’ll also take a tour of other novelty testicle products.

Decoder Ring is a Slate podcast about “cracking cultural mysteries”.

In each episode, host Willa Paskin explores a common thing from our culture and figures out why it matters.

I have made fun of Truck Nutz before. I did not think there was much more to think about Truck Nutz. I dismissed them as coarse and stupid.

I am the audience, then, for this podcast. It turns out everyone else thinks they’re stupid, too, and that, indeed is the joke.

We, as a species, are bad at identifying when groups we don’t belong to are being serious vs. when they are being tongue-in-cheek. This is a compelling exploration of the way that boundary can be straddled by Truck Nutz.

(Sorry for any weird mental images there.)

The World in Words: “The Sci-Fi of Another Language” (Website / Overcast)

The meaning of science fiction stories are often tough to pin down.

Do they depict the future or the present? Are they personal or political? Imaginative or reality-based?

Also, is sci-fi global or local? Were H.G. Wells and George Orwell dreaming up specifically British dystopias?

Are the worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin and Philip K. Dick manifestations of American ideals and nightmares?

Reporter Lydia Emmanouilidou set out to answer some of those questions for The World in Words podcast.

Lydia has been reading Chinese sci-fi for several years and has watched it blossom from obscurity to worldwide sensation.

This podcast about language is less about etymology or word origins and more about language itself — particularly how the different languages we speak can affect our lives and filter our understanding of the world.

This episode explores how a story written in a particular language (and cultural context) can be freighted with meaning that is not always apparent in translation, or that can be impossible to translate.

Without Fail: “The Tragedy Expert” (Website / Overcast)

In the days after September 11, 2001, Kenneth Feinberg took on an unenviable task.

Congress had created the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, and it was his job to figure out who should receive money and how much they should get.

But much of his time was spent doing something else: listening to people’s stories.

Nearly two decades later, he’s still the person we turn to in the wake of our worst catastrophes.

This is a podcast about 9/11. So it’s a bit of a downer in moments.

It’s not about the tragedy itself, but rather how Mr. Feinberg was tasked with choosing who got compensation for losses sustained in the attack.

He is an enormously compelling speaker, and his stories from that time are fascinating and moving.

Miniseries recommendation: “The Dream” (Website / Overcast)

What if we told you that with zero experience and only a few hundred dollars down, this podcast could change your life?

Well, we’d be lying.

This season on The Dream, Jane Marie dives into the world of pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, and all the other businesses that require their members to recruit their nearest and dearest in hopes of a commission. 

This mini-series explores a subject that’s truly an enormous piece of the national economy, but which is also a source of heartbreak for many.

Part history, part documentary, and part gonzo journalism, it’s a very compelling look at get-rich-quick schemes and the folks who pitch them at the needy and desperate.

Hope you enjoy the listens!

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