The first rule of bridge club is that you don't specify what kind of bridge the club is about. The second rule of bridge club is in order to make a game in one hand you need to succeed in a contract of at least three no trumps, four spades, four hearts, five clubs or five diamonds. The third rule of bridge club is watch out for cops
#1111; A Beautiful Bridge Club Afternoon
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Roll-a-Sketches from SDCC! & This week: GEN CON

This week I’m at Gen Con in Indianapolis! I’ll be with the Blind Ferret crew at booth 1537.

The booth will probably look something like this — this is last year’s setup:

Roll-a-Sketches from SDCC! & This week: GEN CON

It’s pretty colorful.

Here are a few of the Roll-a-Sketch drawings I made for folks at San Diego Comic-Con last week! Click any drawing for a closer look.


Roll-a-Sketches from SDCC! & This week: GEN CON


Roll-a-Sketches from SDCC! & This week: GEN CON


Roll-a-Sketches from SDCC! & This week: GEN CON


Roll-a-Sketches from SDCC! & This week: GEN CON

The word balloon in this last one reads: “I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I do is rule the land of pumpkins with an iron fist! That’s got claws sticking out of it!!”

Also, a brief housekeeping note. I apologize for the somewhat sporadic comics of late. We’ve been dealing with a very sick kitty who’s required a lot of care over the last few weeks. Sadly, we said goodbye to our buddy over the weekend.

All proceeds from sales of Feral Cat jigsaw puzzles go to the Charlie’s-vet-bills fund. As well as everything else I sell, I suppose.

(Feral Cat herself is fine; she has graciously donated her likeness to this cause close to her heart.)

THIS WEEK: San Diego Comic-Con!

THIS WEEK: San Diego Comic-Con!

It’s time once again for Comic-Con! This year I’ll be sharing the TopatoCo booth (#1229) with old pals Sam Logan and Kory Bing.

I won’t have the newest Wondermark collection there — it’s not quite finished being printed — but I will sign a sticker you can take home and put in the book when you do get it! Or any other book you own, or whatever!

I’m not doing any panels this year, so I’ll just be at the booth the whole time, staring quietly into the middle distance until someone calls my name three times with increasing sharpness. Hope to see you there!

Video: The Last Spaceplane

Here’s a Wondermark puppet animation that I made a while back but never posted online for some reason!


It was written by Zach Sigelko, and performed by Zach and myself:


Over on Patreon I’ve posted a link to an enormous folder full of more experimental puppet videos that Zach and I made!

The above was basically the culmination of this period of experimentation. The archive videos chronicle the early beginnings of our efforts as they gradually grow more refined.

Video: The Last Spaceplane

Zach also guested on the latest episode of Malki on the Mark, in which we discuss these puppet videos, and why we made them, and so on.

It was chatting with Zach for this podcast that reminded me that I never really posted many of these online. So thanks, Zach!