Brass Piranhamoose!

Brass Piranhamoose!

Check this out! Marksman Mike M. sent me this brass etching of everyone’s favorite aquatic forest carnivore. It’s thick, heavy, tremendously attractive and a magnificent kindness on Mike’s part. Thanks very much, Mike! It will occupy a place of honor on my desk. (Click the pictures for a closer look.)

Brass Piranhamoose!

  • karellan


  • Frank


  • Katsby


  • Cindy

    I am in awe….and you apparently have some pretty awesome fans

  • Ethan

    Simply awesome.

  • Please use this to make some prints!

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Fantastically groovy! Remember, chicks dig guys with brass etchings…or so I’ve heard. I have to make do with Bazooka Joe comics photocopied onto parchment paper paper from Walmart.

  • Kevinabox

    …ring ring ring ring Piranhamoose.