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Roll-a-Sketches from Emerald City ’18!

Here are a handful of the Roll-a-Sketch drawings I did for folks Seattle the other week!

Later this spring I will probably do a round of Roll-a-Sketches by mail, for folks who can’t make it out to a convention. I did it once before that way, and it was a ton of fun but also a lot of work!

If and when I do announce it, it’ll be for a limited window and I’ll tell the folks on my Patreon about it first.

I took out the commercial ads on this site, by the way (except for Project Wonderful ads, which don’t inject all kinds of weird tracker code into the website). Just had one too many complaints about something annoying auto-playing, or popping up on mobile, or generally making the site run slow.

Ads for years have been a bit of a necessary evil, but the money they provide is no longer worth having that garbage on my site, considering that their scripts get more invasive all the time. So I threw ’em out.

To replace the income the ads used to provide, I’m trying out site sponsorships through Patreon! There are two types of sponsorship opportunities now available as Patreon tiers. I’ll share the promotional messages of site sponsors here on the blog! Doing it on Patreon “keeps it in the family,” I think; it’ll be giving Wondermark readers with promotional needs the chance to reach other Wondermark readers, who by definition are tasteful, intelligent, and lest we forget, my mother. We’ll try it for just a bit and see if it’s a viable thing to continue doing.

In general, though, the commercially-served ads are gone for good, hooray!

SKETCH TIME! (Click the images for a closer look.) We’ll start with BATMAN VILLAIN + CHEERLEADER:




DOUGHNUT + MASTERPIECE (my friend who works at the Getty Villa approved of this when I texted it to her):


If you missed them, I’ve done some “deep dive” posts on Patreon writing at absurd length all about my favorite Roll-a-Sketches! Those posts are here.

And I just posted another Wondermark Archive Dive post for patrons only, that (and its free-to-read predecessors) are here! The new one is titled “Five Wondermarks That Could Improve The World.”

NEXT WEEK: Seattle! With new stickers & Cast Cards!

I’ve made a new SECOND SET of Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers! (The lower 8 stickers in this photo are new! The upper ones you can get right now.)

They will be available at my table at the Emerald City Comic Con (née Comicon) next week, and online in my store after that!

As per usual I’ll be at the TopatoCo booth, #1102, on the skybridge, alongside a dashing squad of cartoonist colleagues.

We’re also playing our Wikipedia game again, in a panel:

SUNDAY MAR 04 // 3:45 PM // TCC L3 – Room 3

The Lost in Wikipedia Game Show!

Ever fallen down a Wikipedia hole? Clicking from article to article until you forget where you came from? Come watch us trap our panelists deep within the Wiki web and make them race to navigate their way back out to freedom.

Featuring Dylan Meconis (Bite Me), Trin Garritano (Friendshipping, Cards Against Humanity), James L. Sutter (Pathfinder, Starfinder) and Dave Kellett (Sheldon, Drive), and hosted by David Malki ! (Machine of Death, Wondermark).

At the show, you will be able to get a Roll-a-Sketch drawing from me if you like, and I’ll award you (remind me if I forget) our new 2018 Roll-a-Sketch Cast Card, pictured here with several of its brethren:

I’ve just updated the Cast Cards Index Page, showing off the 40 different cards released or planned to date — including past years’ Roll-a-Sketch cards (claimable in retrospect if you got a sketch from me in 2016 or 2017), Patreon cards, and special Achievement Cards.

We award participants a card with every big project released (such as a Kickstarter or our annual calendar), and in the year to come, there will be a few new Achievement Cards available as well — I’ll hold another caption contest next month, for example!

Our subscribers on Patreon have been the main recipients of the Cast Card bounty, with a brand new card every single month.

In fact, I’ve just sent subscribers the January 2018 card — and there’s still a few days left to claim February’s (Dandra P. Wrentzling, pictured above) for yourself if you like, by becoming a Patreon subscriber at the appropriate tier before the month is out.

2018 will see the release of the FINAL BATCH of Wondermark Cast Cards, so join us for the home stretch!

Check out: EVERYTHING SUCKS! on Netflix

I just finished watching a new show on Netflix called Everything Sucks!

My film school buddy Michael Mohan is one of the creators, and several other of our friends also worked on the show, so I admit to being biased, but my wife and I both really loved it. (I hate some of my other classmates’ work, so I don’t think the bias is actually a factor.)

It’s set in 1996, in suburban Oregon, and follows the kids in a high school AV club as they clash with the drama club. It’s about a lot more than just that, though — the trailer gives you a good sense of it.

As the season continues on, I really like how the filmmakers manage to subvert many of the typical stories you think you’re going to see.

Mike also directed the short film This Is How You Die for the second Machine of Death book, and helped me out quite a bit with the MOD Kickstarter videos as well! His name has popped up on this site from time to time. I’m a huge fan of his work generally and was excited to hear he’d have the chance to make this series.

The show’s musical score is by musician/podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway, also a friend, and the cinematographer is Elisha Christian, who also shot the commercial I made for Zach Weinersmith’s Single-Use Monocles.

Elisha and I worked together in our college AV department nearly TWENTY YEARS AGO. DANG that is a weird thought.

[ Everything Sucks! on Netflix ]