Check out: Max Temkin on values

A few weeks ago I was pleased to attend XOXO in Portland, which bills itself as “an arts and technology festival celebrating independent artists using the Internet to make a living doing what they love.”

It was a really fun time, and I got to meet great people and demo the Machine of Death game and eat from some good food trucks and even have pizza too! All around I recommend it as a cool way to spend a weekend.

The first speaker (of many) at the weekend was Max Temkin, one of the creators of the game Cards Against Humanity. Among other things, he talked about the genesis of CAH, and how he and his colleagues have managed its growing complexity as a business as well as a creative endeavor.

Sometimes I feel bogged down trying to figure out what to do — how to run my business, how to be creative, how to spend my time. Max’s answer is to focus on developing and heeding your values: because having a core set of values will make your actions in a given situation clear or obvious, since you will always have a true north to align to.

The talk (as well as the other XOXO talks) is well worth watching, and it also includes a performance by The Doubleclicks, performing an absolutely gorgeous song about the Mars Curiosity rover.

Max Temkin at XOXO 2013 – YouTube

By the way, if you’re into creating custom Cards Against Humanity cards, here are some good ideas, these are free from me

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