Wondermark’s free for school papers!

School’s back in session, right? I don’t even know. Kids, once you graduate and your life is freed of the time-markers of the scholastic calendar — semesters, finals, summers — years start buzzing by in a blur. So, you should want to make your school-days drag by as sloooowly as possible. Well, now I can help, by filling your school newspaper with lowbrow comics! Since time flies when you’re having fun, that is.

For the first time, I’m offering a full semester of weekly Wondermarks to your school paper for free! Here is all that has to happen for you to start seeing Wondermark on your campus before you can say jack-sprinkletoes. The editor (or AN editor) of the paper should email me the following information:

1. Who you are and what school you’re from
2. How many weeks worth of comics’ you’d need (i.e. how long is your semester)
3. Name and contact info of a faculty advisor
4. Favorite mammal and why

If you ARE the faculty advisor, you can leave out the third part. And that’s it! I’ll write back and we’ll go from there. All I ask is that the comics be printed with the header and wondermark.com URL intact, and you can have comics in your paper for free. If you would like this to happen, but are not an editor of your school newspaper, you should politely inform someone who is.

I am especially hopeful that someone from a foreign nation might like to put Wondermark in their paper in a different language! You’ll have to do the translating, but I would very much like to see it when you’re done.

p.s. if the mammal thing is a deal-breaker with your crusty old faculty advisor then don’t worry about it. but geez lighten up seriously

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