WHY STUDY? Spread the word!

I was on the UCLA campus yesterday, and everybody was just bustling about hither and yon, all wrapped up in the end of the semester. It got me thinking…what if there were something I could do to make their burdens seem a little lighter, to make each weary day a little brighter? But, it seems, there is:

I’m on a plane to Seattle tomorrow (for the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend! See you there!) so I won’t have a chance to paper any campuses with these flyers. But you certainly can! Here’s an 8.5″ x 11″ flyer for you to print out, make many copies of, and display, if you wish, on your campus! Bringing joy to your fellow suffering students can be your good deed for the term — I’d award you extra credit if I could. (Remember to snip the pull-off tabs with scissors in the grand guitar-lessons-flyer tradition!)

you can also send me pictures or put them on facebook if you like

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