Ordering wholesale copies of WM books

This is a special post for booksellers, comic shop folks, and anyone who sells things that are made by other people!

Booksellers: You probably know that my two Dark Horse books, Beards of our Forefathers (ISBN 978-1-59307-984-0) and Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death (ISBN 978-1-59582-329-8) are available through Diamond! But did you know I have a previous collection, The Annotated Wondermark, which is not solicited through Diamond?

jes look at that

This book is published by my very own Wondermark Enterprises. If you would like to stock this book in your comic shop, bookstore, bodega or transmission repair shop (really I’m not picky), I am now making wholesale copies available for 50% of cover price, with free shipping. Every copy will also be signed by me!

My Dispatches from Wondermark Manor books are also available on a wholesale basis at 60% of MSRP, and they are not price-marked so you could theoretically charge whatever you like for them.

To order, email dave at wondermark dot com (Subject: “Wholesale Order”) with the following information:

1. Your store name, shipping address and contact person
2. Business tax ID or, if in CA, seller’s permit number
3. Payment preference — I can invoice you for a check or PayPal payment, or call for credit card info.
4. Your order! Minimum purchase of any title is 5 books. Available are:

The Annotated Wondermark – MSRP $11.95 – Discount 50%
Dispatches Vol. I – MSRP $5.00 – Discount 40%
Dispatches Vol. II – MSRP $7.00 – Discount 40%
Dispatches Vol. III – MSRP $8.00 – Discount 40%

Terms are net 30 via check, credit card or PayPal. All books are sold on a non-returnable basis.

I will also list contact information for participating stores on this site, so folks know where they can find the books locally! And readers: feel free to lobby your favorite store on my behalf, if you think they’d benefit from stocking my books.

With my recent Eisner nomination and the release of my latest hardcover coming in quick succession, there’s been some increased buzz around Wondermark collections in many shops. I hope that’s true of yours as well, and that I can help you sell more books!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call: (310) 986-3483. Looking forward to your orders!

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