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It’s me, David Malki !

You may know me from my comic strip Wondermark, or, you may know me not at all.

This is me:

My team and I made a card game called Keep it 100. It’s available right now (for pretty cheap) from these fine retailers:

What’s this game about?

We wanted to play around with the idea that you probably don’t know as much as you think you do about how other people think, feel, and live.

Or, maybe you do?? Let’s put it to the test!

So, we conducted hundreds of online surveys, asking people all kinds of weird questions.

We also looked up public opinion polls, and researched existing statistics.

We sorted through all the survey results and data points – finding the most compelling results (and surprising correlations) – and we made it into a guessing game.

Each card has a question on the front, and the answer on the back (defined as how many people said “yes” to that question).

Without looking at the back, your challenge is to put the cards into the correct order – deciding whether the answer to one question will be higher or lower than the totally different questions already on the table.

Every time you play a card successfully, the available gaps between cards get narrower, so the next guess gets trickier.

You can even win bonus points by predicting when the other players are about to guess wrong!

The game comes with two sets of rules. You can bet against the other players competitively – or, you can all play cooperatively, working as a team to solve the puzzle.

Here’s where we get serious

As a small games team, we’re absolutely thrilled that Keep it 100 is on Target shelves this holiday season. (For really cheap, too!)

This represents a big opportunity for us and we’re really excited to get the word out to folks who like trivia, statistics, and interesting conversations about human nature. (I hope this sounds familiar, EPM listener!)

So we’re also doing another SPECIAL BONUS PROMOTION:

If you buy this game, I will personally send you a pack of free bonus cards in the mail, to add to your copy.

These will contain ADDITIONAL SURVEY QUESTIONS that you can also help inform!

So here’s how it works:

AFTER THE HOLIDAYS, I will compile the total survey responses, and send you the pack of free cards in the mail!

Thank you so much for taking a look at Keep it 100!

You can watch videos about the game here.

…Offers a cognitive puzzle that’s surprisingly entertaining. Much like the best trivia games in the genre, it’s more reliant on logic and strategic betting than it is on actual knowledge.

Player Elimination (Board Game Reviews)

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