Webcomics Gift Guide 2011

Just a brief note to say, if you’re still looking for strange gift ideas for sticky folks on your list, here’s some stuff from my friends and colleagues that might be off your usual radar, but which might nonetheless strike a chord! Check ’em out and see what they got.

Artwork by Eric Millikin

Evil Inc. Holiday Cards
Evil Inc. Books

The new book from Not Invented Here: Runtime Error

Sam and Fuzzy goods & finery

Schlock Mercenary
New! Schlock Mercenary 2012 Calendar

Shortpacked! store
New! Shortpacked! Book 4

SMBC store
SMBC “Revenge” shirts

Spacetrawler cards & gifts

Unshelved bibliophile gifts
Intellectual Freedom Fighter messenger bags

Surely you can find something you like among all this good stuff.


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