New book: Voyages from Wondermark Manor

Today I am very proud to offer Voyage from Wondermark Manor, the second volume in my trilogy of parody Victorian novels. This new volume is about 40% longer than Vol. I. If you liked Vol. I, you’ll love this continuation in the series…and if you hated Vol. I, then stay the heck away from this one because it’s way more of the same. Like the printed version of Vol. I, this book is revised and somewhat improved from the chapters posted online earlier this year.

Next is this wonderful poster conceived by me and designed and painted by Carly Monardo:

I printed 50 posters to take to Comic-Con and now have 25 left. Carly and I are splitting the proceeds 50/50, so please pick up one of these limited prints soon! UPDATE: All 25 have been sold! I will probably reprint the poster soon; watch this space. FURTHER UPDATE: The reprint is now available as a pre-order from the new Wondermark/TopatoCo store!

Finally, my friend and yours Francesco Marciuliano, whom you might know from his gig writing Sally Forth, has restarted his webcomic Medium Large. Ces’s strip was one of the first webcomics I followed regularly and I’m very happy to see him back in the saddle. It’s consistently laugh-out-loud funny. NO PRESSURE CES

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