Valentine Cards & Discounted T-Shirts

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to order some Wondermark valentines, such as the above or any of the below, well that can be done right here. Maybe I should have mentioned this weeks ago! But wasn’t it just Christmas???

Also, I’ve just put a big stack of misprinted T-shirts on clearance! Not just my own designs, but also a few from my fine friends Kris Straub and Ryan North (who will get paid for these sales, of course).

If you’re more interested in VALUE and SAVINGS than SHIRTS WITHOUT INK SMEARS ON THEM, OR HOLES IN WEIRD PLACES then perhaps this is the deal for you!

Kris and Ryan and I are working on something else big, too — a Machine of Death card game! More info to come about that in the next couple of weeks.

[Wondermark Valentine cards • Misprinted T-shirts]

P.S. I just remembered that TopatoCo has a few of my shirts on clearance as well! Where is my Elephant and Everything is Fine are both priced to move right now. I really like both of those shirts and will miss them when they disappear!

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