Two Videos on Photography and Painting

Here are a couple videos I came across in the last couple of days that I thought you might enjoy! Both are a little on the long side but well worth it.

First, portrait photographer Peter Hurley offers one simple way to make your pictures of people much more flattering: emphasize the jawline. Blog post (including video) here:

So since this one area means so much to me, I thought I’d share some tips on it in this little video. In it you’ll see how adamant I am about having my clients bring their jawline towards my camera day in and day out. This simple technique instantly improves the images I’m taking of my clients, and I hope you gain a few insights here that you find helpful and can implement on your next shoot.

Second, illustrator Quentin Blake demonstrates his drawing and painting technique for the camera. Write up (including video) here:

On the light box I put the rough drawing I am going to work from, and on top of that a sheet of watercolour paper, normally Canson or Arches fin. Ready to hand is a bottle of waterproof black ink and a lot of scruffy-looking dip pens… What happens next is not tracing; in fact it’s important that I can’t see the rough drawing underneath too clearly, because when I draw I try to draw as if for the first time; but I can do it with increased concentration, because the drawing underneath lets me know all the elements that have to appear and exactly where they have to be placed.

BONUS LINK: Last week’s comic about the faucet inventors reminded some readers of an Eddie Izzard routine about toast and faucets. I hadn’t seen this video before, but I love Eddie Izzard and I think there’s a deep well of faucet-related frustration we can all tap into together. Here’s the clip!

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