The Mystery of Toast Shrek (Updated!)

Thanks to everyone who came and said hello at Comic-Con! I did a bunch of Roll-a-Sketches that I’ll be sharing soon (and of course, the Roll-a-Sketch Kickstarter is still happening, more than fully funded and going strong!).

But first I’d like to talk about Toast Shrek.

We found this photograph, framed exactly thus, in our rental house in San Diego:

The frame was sitting on a shelf, facing the wall. We don’t know who this man is. We don’t know if this was a raucous party night, or a particularly strange funeral.

We don’t know what the substance is on his face — we argued about whether it’s guacamole, or egg salad, or perhaps some custom concoction brewed by the terrible person whose hand is visible wielding toast in the top right of the picture.

We want to know who this is. A Google search for “passed out man toast shrek”, and variants thereof, turn up no information. In our selfless attempt to get the word out, at our Comic-Con booth we encouraged #toastshrek selfies:

Stop by booth 1229 and take a selfie with #toastshrek #SDCC

A photo posted by Brad Pipins (@cursors) on

If you know anything at all about this man, please get in touch. We want to make sure he’s okay.

UPDATE, 7/14/15: Several eagle-eyed shreksketeers have pointed out that the photo originates from this satirical 2014 Vice article.

It’s a shame that this beautiful thing couldn’t be real, but I suppose it flew too high, too fast. That said, it’s lovely that it was framed and cherished, by its prior owner and now by almost a dozen Comic-Con attendees.

Go softly, Toast Shrek, and find your own way.

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