Three days left for EMERGENCY BEARD!

I’m pleased to announce that my Emergency Beard shirt has hit its funding goal, which means that it’ll be printed for sure! If you were hanging back, waiting to see if it would, in fact, become a real thing, I have good news: it will!

I’ve also made Bella ladies’ versions available. I didn’t at first because I couldn’t figure out how, but then I figured it out. So now you can get either a mens/unisex cut, or a relaxed ladies’ cut, or both, or ten of each. Maybe you have a team? I don’t judge.

The shirt will only be available through this Thursday afternoon, so if you’d like one, grab it now! UPDATE: It’s over, thanks everyone! We may add it to the regular TopatoCo store later, but if we do, it wouldn’t be until after the New Year at the earliest. And by then, beards may be outlawed :O

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