New at T-Shirt Diplomacy: Snake Coil! Sea Lions! Sarcasm!


Hey I’ve got some cool new shirts up at T-shirt Diplomacy!

A lot of people asked for a Snake Coil logo (based on last week’s comic, of course), so here you go!


Also! Sarcasm shirts are back, both in original color Midnight Blast and newly minted Cool Arctic Breeze. All shirt colors are now named after deodorant flavors.

The Sarcasm shirt was kind of inspired by this comic I guess! For extra credit: there is also this comic and this comic.


Finally! Our pal the sea lion is back and HE’S BROUGHT BACKUP. Visit the lovely, fang-torn Piranhamoose Republic today.

I never used to like making black shirts, but I have been cured of that aversion. That said: One cool thing about T-shirt Diplomacy is that they’ll do custom prints of any shirt on a different color/brand, if you want. Costs a few bucks extra, but then you get to Have It Your Way™!

This week we are FINISHING shipping out our Wondermark jigsaw puzzles! That means, if you’ve been gnawing your fingernails to nubs waiting for your chance to get one, THAT TIME IS NIGH. Next week, over at TopatoCo! I’ll make a suitably loud noise!

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