Check out: Sheldon guest comic!

Fun thing #1: I have a guest strip up at Sheldon today! Because Dave Kellett and his wife had a baby. Isn’t that special. Okay, I will concede that in this case it’s pretty awesome, because Dave is about the rockingest guy I know, and he has so much love and goodwill in his heart that I know he’s gonna make the arcade-game top-scores-list of Best Dads Ever. Seriously, among all the dads all throughout history (or at least since the machine was last unplugged), he will totally be up there. Congrats Dave and Gloria!

Fun thing #2: In the grand Kellettian tradition, I am offering a piece of original comic art for sale! It’s strip #395, the only Wondermark I’ve ever hand-drawn. The auction’s live now, and it’s a great chance to own a unique piece of Wondermark as well as help support me and this site.

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