MORE of: Real True Actual Stories of America

Here are two more of my “Real True Actual Stories of America” animations, sponsored by and Bill Bryson’s new book One Summer: America 1927.

EPISODE THREE is about Al Capone! The notorious Chicago thug! Ol’ Scarface himself! Whatta rascal!

EPISODE FOUR is about Charles Lindbergh & Charles Nungesser, racing to be the first to cross the Atlantic and claim the Orteig Prize.

These feature the voices of Mike Betette (as Al Capone, Charles Lindbergh, and in last week’s episodes, Babe Ruth and the construction worker); Sean Casey (the newsboy, Charles Nungesser, and last week, Henry Ford); and Jeff Feazell (the newspaper owner). Calvin Coolidge and the manhole lady were played by me! And the narrator is Matt Hopper.


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