“Off to Finland” Link Roundup

I’m heading off to Finland with my mom and some family! I’ll be gone about a week and a half. I think new comics will still post while I’m gone, but just in case something doesn’t work, don’t freak out, I’ll catch up when I get back.

I don’t know much about Finland! Do you have to bring your own fins or can you rent them there?

ANYWAY here are some links I’ve had in open tabs for a while:

“The Human Race” Kickstarter: This is an independent action/horror movie that looks really good! Also notable for starring, in the lead action-hero role, an actor with only one leg (and some other disabled actors in supporting roles). I dig the clips in the Kickstarter video, and I hope it gets finished!

“Old is the New New”: Neat article about creating distressed typography. “I get really excited when watching some obscure Italian thriller from the 30’s and I see a sign on a window or a poster on a wall that any self-respecting designer today would suffer mid-level carpal tunnel syndrome to have designed themselves.”

Titanium Physicists Podcast: A science podcast in which physicists explain concepts to ignorant but wisecracking laypeople. In this episode, the ignorant but wisecracking layperson is me, and I learn all about sunspots! Did you know that sunspots always appear in pairs? YOU WILL, when you listen to this podcast!

Futurism from 1910: Reader Michele forwarded me this collection of French postcards (as in the picture above) predicting what the world of the far-off, nearly incomprehensible future of the year 2000 would look like. I want to live in this postcard world so bad.

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