Machine of Death Volume 2 updates

For those keeping score at home, our second volume in the Machine of Death series, This is How You Die, is still scheduled to come out in July, premiering at the San Diego Comic-Con! We’re really excited for it. But in the interim, while we wait, Kris Straub and I have been working on something else: a Machine of Death card game!

It’s called Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination and it’s as wacky and ridiculous as the book is serious and reflective. I’ve been developing this game for over a year now, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be launching a Kickstarter for it this week! It’s finally done and I’m excited for you to see it.

Also, over at the MOD site, I’ve just posted an interview that Kris conducted with Ryan North and me on the subject of This is How You Die. We talk a little about how we chose stories for the second book, as well as some of what we’re looking forward to about it. Here’s the link!

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