The Machine of Death card game is GOING NUTS

My heart has been racing at about 200 beats per minute nonstop for the last four days and I can’t get it to quiet down. Why? Because our Machine of Death card game Kickstarter hit its funding goal in its first 16 hours, doubled its funding the next day, tripled it the next day, and just hit $90K a few minutes ago. It’s…intense.

If you’re curious about the game, check out our first gameplay video (above or here). There are lots of different ways to play the game, depending on your preferences, but this is a good example round.

I’ve been posting video updates every day as I increasingly try to process what’s happening. Already we’ve smashed through tons of stretch goals and have approximately doubled the number of game cards going to every backer. (These include free bonuses that will only be included with Kickstarter orders! The retail version of the game, when it goes up for sale this summer, will come with fewer cards.)

Pledgers have also unlocked THREE FREE PREVIEW STORIES from the upcoming Machine of Death sequel, This is How You Die! You can go read them right now for free:

“ROCK AND ROLL” by Toby W. Rush

I’m thrilled and humbled by the incredible response to the campaign and I apologize if it’s all I’m able to talk about for a little while. Ryan warned me, after his own campaign blasted into the stratosphere, that I wouldn’t be able to get anything else done while this was going on. “Pshaw,” I thought to myself. “Surely I can continue all other things apace while answering dozens of backer questions per hour, crunching data to try and track the campaign’s progress, corresponding with artists and game manufacturers, and making video updates!”

It’s a challenge I’m up for! LET’S DO IT, LET’S ROCK THIS THING

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