Machine of Death limited hardcovers, talent show, and price drop!

Matt, Ryan and I — the editors of Machine of Death — want to be the kinds of people who do things for no other reason than we think they’re cool. I explain over on the Machine of Death blog:

The point is that, if you simply look at the stats, we have done far better by following whims than by executing carefully-planned strategies, for the simple reason that the strategies eat up time. Matt, Ryan and I love discussing ideas. And letting all the steam out of an idea by talking about it means it’s harder to ever do it. Energy that could be channeled into action sometimes gets channeled instead into hand-wringing.

So we decided to just do some stuff. We now have a little money to play around with — not very much (we funneled most of our immediate profits back into printing more books), but since we all have other jobs and none of our mortgages are riding on this project, we want to play around a little, to buy ourselves a little adventure. Here’s what we’ve done… (more)

• We made a bunch of cool death prediction cards that you can have.

• We have created and released a limited-edition Machine of Death hardcover, packaged in a collector’s set with an embroidered patch and a personalized Death Prediction certificate. Update: These are all gone, snatched up at once!

• We are putting on a talent show on April 26 that you can audition for and be a part of.

• We have temporarily lowered the prices on all of our ebooksKindle, Nook, iBooks, and ePub.

We want to live in a world in which “this would be really cool” is totally a good enough reason to do something. So we’re making it happen! We’re very proud of it all, and would very much love for you to take a look. Thanks!

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