Malki Jr on Holiday

All that the light touches, my son

I had a lovely time in Hawaii the other week, thanks to those of you who came out to our comedy shows!

You know who else had a nice time? Malki Jr, that’s who.

That’s a wrap for conventions and appearances this year! Time to hunker down and work on a few big projects I want to get out before the end of the year — the 2017 Wondermark Calendar will be coming soon, of course, and another neat thing before we get to that. One word, friend: coasters.

Also, I posted another extremely long Roll-a-Sketch “From the Vault” post over on the Wondermark Patreon! It’s the Robot Special, in which I talk about how to draw robots, and all the different robots I’ve drawn over the years.

That’s up now for $5+ Patreonauts! Of course I love you all equally, though.

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