Writing: joy to the fish

Wrote this after a particularly interesting dinner a little while back.

(to the tune of “Hark, the Herald Angeles Sing”)

I’sshaimase, the chefs cry out;
Glorious promise in their shout!
Please be seated! Look! Behold:
Crab and salmon, smoked and rolled.
Bring us miso-broiled cod;
Feed us Asia’s piscine god;
Reap the fruits of Old Japan —
Bring us Kirin Ichiban.
This is what taste buds are for:
Not quite done, but bring us more!

O! We’re stuffed, but still it comes —
Toss some ginger on our tongues.
Chopsticks fly with dextrous ease
God, I love the Japanese!
Only chefs with skill resplendent
Could create food so transcendent
Thanks for nourishing our souls!
Thanks for California rolls!
Reach beneath my stomach’s dome:
Left my wallet back at home.

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