Holiday Product RUNDOWN

bow not included

Okay! Now that we’re well into the holiday shopping season, here are the highlights that you need to know:

FIRST: The limited-edition, hand-made Wondermark 2010 Calendar is now available for pre-order! Here’s the link. No pictures yet exist of the 2010 calendar (you’ll see the 2009 calendar at that link) but you’ll get the idea. Calendars will start shipping in about two weeks. You may or may not get them for Christmas, depending on where you live. You will probably get them before the New Year, however. We are doing our best over here and we thank you for your understanding. “We” is basically just me.

NEXT: Greeting cards. Let’s talk about greeting cards. TopatoCo’s trying their darndest to keep my holiday cards in stock over there, and doing pretty well considering the demand, but it’s been up and down. Anything that’s out of stock should be being reprinted soon, but we live on a roiling sea of no guarantees. Again everyone is doing their best and you should check back periodically.

Now then. I do have some limited stock of holiday cards in-house as well. For your convenience I have newly assembled some 10-card packs of popular designs — but I only have a few and supplies are limited. You can also mix and match with, like, Valentines and thank-you cards and so on if you want to be conscientious. Whoo! It is like the Wild West over here.

Anyway! In-house holiday cards are here. You can combine these orders with anything else in my in-house store: stickers, books, etc. All orders containing holiday cards may ship in multiple shipments, so you’ll get your cards right away even if the calendars won’t be ready until later.

Finally! I also have the regular complement of books, comic prints, posters, T-shirts and messenger bags over at my TopatoCo store! That’s the bulk of all my tremendous gift items, and those guys are pros. Everything there should be shipping promptly, but you should also be aware of their very important holiday shipping deadlines. December 8 (TODAY) is their deadline for international shipping using the not-extremely-expensive Priority Mail! Domestic deadlines are coming up very soon as well. DO NOT DALLY.

What would we do without the holidays? Sleep, perhaps. As always, I am supremely grateful for your support and if there’s anything special I can do to make your holiday dreams come true, please don’t be shy about dropping me a line. Did you buy one of my books at your local shop or Amazon? Request a free signed bookplate!

Thanksgiving Project results will be up later this week!

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