Presenting the Hanukkah Duck Song

The other week, I put up a comic in which a character posits the existence of a “Hanukkah duck” who brings puzzles in the morning for Hanukkah celebrants to solve, as a way of filling out the sparse Hanukkah canon a bit. The character also posited that a Yiddish song could be written about the duck.

So I’m thrilled that Marksman Keith A. wrote in with the following contribution:

A Hanukkah song for you!

(Set to whatever tune you like. Preferably klezmeresque.)

Komt die katschke Chaneke,
ondzer freydik kolot zingen!
Yeder morgen a ney retenish
ondzer federd freynd vet bringen!

Entfern, entfern die retenish —
Die katschke kvaks mit freyd!
Tanzn, tanzn biz mir faln —
Das iz ondzer Chaneke leyd!

(The Hanukkah Duck is coming,
our joyful voices sing!
Every morning a new puzzle
our feathered friend will bring!

Solve, solve the puzzle —
the Duck quacks with delight!
Dance, dance until we fall down —
That is our Hanukkah song!)

This is super-great. If someone with an accordion and/or a fiddle and/or a clarinet wants to instrumentate this, I won’t be mad at ya. Thanks, Keith!

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