Guest Artist: Jorge Cham of PhD Comics!

Today’s guest episode of Wondermark comes from Jorge Cham of PhD Comics!

Jorge and Daniel Whiteson have a new book out today, called WE HAVE NO IDEA: A Guide to the Unknown Universe. Jorge describes it thusly:

WE HAVE NO IDEA: A Guide to the Unknown Universe is a fun guide to everything we DON’T know about the Universe, from Dark Matter and Cosmic Rays to Time Travel and the Big Bang.

A mix of text and cartoons, each chapter breaks down a big mystery that is stumping scientists and explains with clarity and a little humor where the limits of our knowledge are.

And Publishers Weekly, in its starred review, says:

The book’s cast includes hamsters, evil twins, Doctor Who, and others. Black holes, the Higgs boson, and theories of everything rub elbows with Pi charts, pop culture, and Lego philosophy.

Cham and Whiteson mesh comics, lighthearted infographics, and lively explanations to painlessly introduce curious readers to complex concepts in easily digestible chapters. This fun guide is just the ticket for science fans of any age.

More information, and links to all the various places to get the book are at:

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