July Featured Item: Framed prints!

Three important notes about the store today:

First, I am now selling FRAMED PRINTS. These are not chintzy ready-made plastic frames you might find at the drugstore; they’re custom-cut hardwood fitted with shatterproof Lucite and acid-free backing, sealed against dust and moisture, shipped ready to hang on your wall. Each print is signed and hand-assembled by me!

Second, I am now offering the option to upgrade your books to an “Artist Edition,” if you’d like me to add a sketch! (Something like this or this or this, perhaps.) Regular versions will still ship with a signature by default.

Third, Beards of our Forefathers is now available for purchase! It should land in your local comics shop tomorrow, or you can pick up a signed copy from me right this second! Not exactly sure when it’ll show up in bookstores, but it’s gotta be soon.

A special note to the folks who pre-ordered the book on Amazon and are still waiting for it (and who may have received a note from Amazon telling them it’ll be a few weeks yet) — I wish I could send you a free gift of some sort to thank you for supporting me with the pre-order. Unfortunately, the cost of a stamp to send you a letter or gift is about half of what I earn from the Amazon sale of the book. But I do want to thank you all profoundly — the pre-order numbers really convinced Dark Horse that this book was worth pushing, and the wonderful reviews that I’ve shown you already (and that we’ll hopefully continue to see more of) are thanks to Dark Horse supporting the project 100%. So thank you all, very much!

Also, submissions are now closed for the Make-Something Contest — thanks to everyone who took the time to enter! I’ll announce the results as soon as I finish going through all of your wonderful creations.

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