Final few days for #Pintopia!

I’m excited to remind folks that we are in the LAST FEW DAYS of the Pintopia campaign!

Most of the pledge tiers are for various numbers of pins, as you might expect.

But I’ve ALSO just added a new tier called PLEDGE MANAGER ONLY:


The best deals on groups of pins can be found in the regular pledge tiers (where every additional pin is cheaper than the last, as volume pricing does its magic).

But, if you’d prefer to peruse everything later and/or make à la carte selections, you can now opt in to the Pledge Manager tier for just $2.

This will give you access to the pledge manager after the campaign (with $2 credit already on board, natch), where you can then build your own reward of individual items, including:

  • Pins – of course!
  • Stickers – individually OR in sets
  • Wondermark greeting cards

But also, a few extra things will show up in the pledge manager as well:

  • Wondermark books and prints
  • Stickers of each of the NEW pin designs
  • T-shirts! I’ll be using this post-campaign order period to determine the long-term interest in making shirts of the new designs… So an initial, limited number will be made available.

If you haven’t joined the campaign yet, you have until APRIL 18, 1PM to pledge at any level, and gain access to these items! Here is a colorful button to click:

[ Pintopia! Through APRIL 18 ]

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