“Everything is Exhausting” bag now available!

My friends at TopatoCo (who make my T-shirts and lots of other fine things) are making an “Everything is Exhausting” bag!

This slogan is one of my faux-warning-labels, which have proved to be very popular as stickers.

There’s a wee li’l preorder running right now where you can claim one of the new bags:

[ Lemme see that bag ]

It’s a smallish bag about the size of an iPad, with some hidden pockets and other cool stuff. They call it a “Tech Bag,” which sounds very futuristic.


You can also bundle the bag (optionally) with an enamel pin of the same design!

Or, I do already make this design as a pin and a sticker that are available by themselves (no bag necessary).


[ Here’s that bag link a second time ]

Note: If you are an enamel pin fan, do stay tuned for another big announcement later this month. (Tease tease!)

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