Emperor of the Food Chain

EMPEROR OF THE FOOD CHAIN is the latest collection of Wondermark comic strips!

And if you bought it, I really hope you love it, and I want to thank you for supporting my work here. This is an independently published book brought to you by the good folks at TopatoCo, and we don’t have any of the marketing, publicity, or distribution that my Dark Horse books had. So every one of you that buys the book is even more precious to me!

To that end I would like to REWARD YOU for your kind patronage. I will be doing a random drawing for exciting prizes! WHAT KIND OF PRIZES? Well, how about (click the images for bigger):

ART COLLECTOR PRIZE: 1 person will win a signed, framed print of a new Piranhamoose illustration I created for the book:

BIBLIOPHILE PRIZE: 7 people will win a copy of one of my favorite books of all time, Stephen Pile’s The Book of Heroic Failures, which made me laugh so hard that I got kicked out of a coffee shop, and which is long out of print:

HIGH ROLLER PRIZE: I will instantly make 14 people Zimbabwean trillionaires, with a crisp, genuine, uncirculated Zimbabwean ten trillion dollar banknote:

BEHIND THE SCENES PRIZE: 1 person will win the complete set of personal notes and scribbles that I worked from while creating all the bonus content that went into this book:


If you purchase any of my books from TopatoCo between now and the end of September, you gain an entry into the drawing. Each book you buy counts as one entry. So if you buy one book, you get one entry; if you get the super-duper 5-pack, you get 5 entries.

Once you make a purchase, simply register on this page to be entered! I’ll double-check the TopatoCo order numbers on my end, so make sure you put in the correct order number and the correct number of entries based on how many books you got. If you make multiple TopatoCo orders, register multiple entries separately. Enter as many times as you like.

If you bought a book from me at a convention since Sept. 15, you count too! Just enter the date and what I wrote when I signed it for you. WARNING: I have a PERFECT MEMORY.

Since I know some people will want some prizes more than others, you can choose which particular drawings to be entered into. Odds of winning will depend on number of valid entries received. All winners will be announced on the site in October.

UPDATE: This contest is over! Winners will be announced soon. Thanks, everyone!


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Emperor of the Food Chain
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Purchases must be made…

• Either from TopatoCo, or in-person at a convention such as SPX
• Between Sept. 15 and Sept. 30

Of course, since this is a sweepstakes, you can also enter with NO PURCHASE NECESSARY by sending a postcard to: Wondermark Drawing, 2554 Lincoln Blvd #214, Venice CA 90291. Include your name, address, email, which drawings you’re entering, and favorite animal and why. Each postcard counts as one entry, and any postcards received by Sept. 30 will be counted in the drawing.

If you have any questions please email me! dave at wondermark dot com. Thanks a ton for your support, and happy reading!

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