Archive Deep Dive: Five Notable Wondermark Firsts

For folks on Patreon (and everyone else too), I wrote an ARCHIVE DEEP DIVE post that looks back at the early years of Wondermark, and some things I learned along the way, from the cold, harsh perspective of 2016:

I started making Wondermark comics in 2003. Luckily, virtually nothing about the world has changed between then and now – not me, not the world, not the Internet, and certainly not what we all find funny.

I’m now being told that is incorrect. Fine! In that case, and in case you haven’t been around for the whole lifespan of Wondermark, or haven’t been paying attention if you were, I think let’s spend some time on an…ARCHIVE DEEP DIVE™®©!!!

Since it’s the first post of this type, I thought we should look back at…

Five Notable Wondermark Firsts

Although the post is on Patreon, this particular post is FREE for everyone to read! I think it is pretty interesting but then again I think EVERYTHING I do is interesting, so.

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