The Semidecennial Make-Something Contest



Around 1997, Wizard magazine ran a contest in partnership with the comics publisher Top Cow. They asked fans to create something to demonstrate their affinity for Top Cow. I remember that a “Witchblade opera” was one of the suggestions. But there were really no rules as to what it could be — just something, anything at all, that said “I love Top Cow.”

My friend Stephen and I decided to make a movie. It was called Moo: The Bovine Pursuit, and I’m sad to say that I don’t think I have a complete copy of it anymore. (I do have this version, which lacks the snazzy oscillating-fan-blowing-pages-of-a-comic-book title sequence and the overdubbed Final Fantasy III musical score.) It was the first time I tried any sort of video editing; Stephen and I spent an afternoon doing the whole record-play-pause-fastforward-unpause technique familiar to anyone creative of our generation.

And we won third prize in the contest.

A national contest, and we won third prize. The reward was a stack of signed comics and trading cards, and I remember divvying them up with Stephen. We were so excited that our goofy little thing that we worked hard on actually won a prize.

Today, I want you to have just as much fun as we did eleven years ago. If you like Wondermark, make something. Doesn’t have to be a video; doesn’t have to be anything in particular. But I want you to be creative, and to have fun. That’s the only guideline.

UPDATE: My intent was that you make something about Wondermark in some way. I did not make this clear at the beginning, so it will not be a strict rule — but things made that are about or somehow related to Wondermark or the Wondermark aesthetic will have an advantage.

To illustrate the premise, here are some non-exhaustive examples of things you could make:

– A drawing

– A song

– A robot

– A robot that does dishes

– A robot that breaks dishes

– An interpretive dance

– A story

– A life-sized pickup truck made from cast-off monocles

– A movie about the anonymous henchmen to a James Bond supervillian

– A costume

– A working, coal-burning, ambulatory version of Steamovak

You get the idea, I hope. Entries will be evaluated solely on coolness, neatness, awesomesauce, and raditude.


A good question. I will award the following prizes:

Honorable Mention(s) will receive a free signed, framed print of any Wondermark strip you like, and will have your creation(s) displayed on this site!
Value = approx. $40

Third Prize will receive a framed print as above, display on this site, PLUS a piece of original art by me created especially for you! (I will try to make it pretty good)
Value = approx. $90

Second Prize will receive a framed print, display on this site, a personalized piece of original art, an inscribed copy of my upcoming book Beards of our Forefathers, and a special MYSTERY BOOK as well!
Value = approx. $130

Finally, the Grand Prize will receive a framed print of any strip, display on this site, a personalized original watercolor painting made just for you, an additional set of 13 pre-selected cardstock prints of some of my favorite strips, an Expendable DVD, and the very first copy of Beards of our Forefathers to come off the press, inscribed to you. The book will also include a Certificate of Authenticity, and it will smell like win.
Value = approx. $200


Thank you tremendously to all the people who took the time to enter! It was a ton of fun seeing all the different things that people came up with. Without further ado, here are the prize winners.

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