Classic Wondermark Thanksgiving comics

ted stands for thanksgiving? eminently doable!

I hope my American friends have a nice Thanksgiving this week! Here are some instances in which Wondermark has touched upon the subject in the past.

Open ’em all in new tabs and have a good several minutes of reading delight!!

“Man, I hate coming home for the holidays.” — #081; In which a Confrontation occurs (2004)

“Took a couple of bombs, but we changed their minds…” — #251; In which we leave early (2006)

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to let Ted host Thanksgiving dinner? What with his crippling addiction to hallucinogens?” — #356; In which Dinner proves elusive (2007)

“Parking is gonna be awful at the mall today.” — #357; In which Mall Parking sucks (2007)

“This is our humor enforcement agent, Officer Snapwelter.” — #574; There Must be Rules (2009)

“Out on the high seas. Leagues from the nearest land. Lookout sighted a waddle through the waves.” — #983; In which a Feast is netted (2013)

“It’s an amazing coincidence, but we have a feast day that (in our language) ALSO sounds like tánksgív.” — #985; The Gaxian Thanksgiving (2013)

“I’d get into it more if we could stop making national heroes out of the villains from The Scarlet Letter.” — #1079; Of Genocide in General (2014)

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