New holiday card! Bear with a barrel!

Here’s a brand-new holiday card! I have titled it “Barrel”:

Over at the ol’ Wondermark greeting card shop, you can choose from forty-six different designs. Holy moly! Forty-six! I hadn’t counted in a while!

Kickstarter orders for the cool boxed sets will start going out very shortly. In the meantime, if you’re not waiting on that, feel free to browse our full selection of cards, and pick up any that suit you! You can order as few as three cards (or as many as a million, I guess?).

I’ve got a fair number of the holiday-specific cards in stock, but not a ton… I won’t be ordering a restock, I don’t think (too much to do this month, between the Kickstarter and the calendar!), so once we’re out of stock for a given design, that’ll be it for the season.

So if you’re interested in grabbing some cards this year, my advice is not to delay!

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